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Multiple problems with iphone


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Aug 11, 2010
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Hi all. i am living in toronto. Im with rogers and i just got the new iphone4. I already have a case on the phone. I noticed a lot of problems with a few things. First and foremost, signal quality. My iphone 3g would get full bars all through my house, and now the ip4 will not go above three bars. I Also noticed that when wifi is on, or connected to a wifi network or even using said network, the signal degrades even more. And thats withouy the death grip. The death grip will kill my signal all together. I figured it was just around my house. today i was all over the city for work and in some spots there was no signal whatsoever. nowhere in the city do i get full bars. On my old iphone i would get full bars everywhere, even out of the city. I also noticed my compass is way off. i tried resetting network settings, even restoring to no avail. my boss has the same phone and his compass works better and gets full bars or one bar higher and we are on the same network. i think apple should do a recall.... so what do i do in this scenario?
any help is greatly appreciated



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Jun 17, 2010
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Lubbock, TX
First off your new signal bars have been re-calibrated with the new software. So you won't be able to compare old "bars" to "new" ones. Second the death grip only effects the iPhone4 without a case. If you are getting dropped bars by wrapping your hand around it... Your 3G should demonstrate the same issue. Third if you think there may be a problem with your phone.. Call apple after you have tried what they suggest and it doesn't help you can always swap for another!

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