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iPhone 4s - Wifi problems after screen repair


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Sep 17, 2014
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So I smashed my iPhone 4s screen, not to the point of damage, but I needed it repaired, I went to a reliable but cheap place and it seems all fine, works perfectly.

Now before this, my wifi was great, even when the phone was smashed. My wifi box was in the middle floor of my house and I got great bars in my room at the top of the house and even in the kitchen to the back of the house. Now since my screen was fixed, I can get more than one bar in my living room, and I get no signal in my room or kitchen, I can only get bars if near the box or in the hall ways.

I've tried doing a complete phone reset by going in to general settings, which didn't have any effect. It's really bugging me cause it seems as soon as one problem is fixed, another springs up. I need wifi access, and I'm now worried it wont pickup my uni wifi, which I need when in class.

Any suggestions on what I can do or what problem it could be?


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Jan 1, 2013
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It sounds like they forgot to plug in the wifi antenna when they replaced the screen. The phone needs to be taken apart and have it's connectors reseated to connected.