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Facetime question


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Oct 12, 2013
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I have Verizon with my iPhone 5s my data is only 2 GB so I do not want to use it up. I have a iPad 3 to. I have this person FaceTime A lot. and when they call it calls me on the iPhone 5s and iPad 3 at the same time. My question is is there anyway just to FaceTime with person on my iPad 3 that is just wi-Fi only. So I do not use up my data on my iPhone 5s. When FaceTime with this person? Thank you happy new year to everyone on here.
I think that if you answer on the iPad you will be using wifi not cell data

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Hi Xrayeyes
I have turned off FaceTime on my iPhone 5s but have not received any FaceTime calls yet. Thank you for the help