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Facebook iPhone App Gets Update and New "Places" Feature


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Jun 18, 2010
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Facebook has today updated its Facebook for iPhone app. According to the official Facebook for iPhone page (on Facebook!), the update introduces a new feature called “Places”, which enables you to share your location with your friends by “checking in” to a place. Other updates include a revamped, “snappier”, inbox with support for threads with multiple users, and what Facebook calls “improved performance” when commenting, liking or posting stories, as well as what it vaguely refers to as “more granular” privacy settings.

An interesting news item on the update on ReadWriteWeb.com goes into a little more depth on the privacy issue, explaining that the update actually fixes quite a big problem in the previous version that meant that whenever you made any updates or told any of your friends anything, you could only use your default privacy settings, meaning that you had no way of controlling who saw your updates. Now, when you open the Status Update page on the updated version of the app, youÂ’ll see a little lock icon in the bottom right-hand corner, which when you click on it enables you to tinker with various privacy settings other than the default setting.

You can download the free app from the Apple iTunes App Store here, although itÂ’s currently only available in the US Store.

Source: Facebook for iPhone, ReadWriteWeb.com

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