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Facebook iPhone App Gets Major Update, Which Also Kills the Hidden iPad App


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Jun 18, 2010
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Macworld reports today that Facebook has just given its iPhone app a major facelift, with new features that Macworld says represent Facebook’s attempts to keep pace with Google+. These new features are similar to changes that have recently been made to the main Facebook website, which also seem to have Google+ in mind. For example, one of the features of Google+ that many people seem to really like is being able to target who gets your status updates in a very specific way, and the new iPhone app update now brings this to Facebook as well, with users being able to choose whether their status updates are private, or whether they go to their friends, or other custom-created groups of friends. Another feature included in the update is being able to tag your friends and places in your posts, which was previously only possible via the “check in” part of the app, and there is also now a facility to reshare links that you’ve found in Facebook right from the app.
Although the bespoke Facebook app for iPad has yet to be released, this one will work fine on your iPad. However, AppAdvice reports that the iPhone app update also kills the hidden iPad app that was discovered inside a while back!

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Source: Facebook adds post privacy settings to iPhone app | Social Networking | iOS Central | Macworld

Facebook Update Kills The iPad App Inside -- AppAdvice

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