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Jul 3, 2010
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I looked for a forum specifically for stupid questions but couldn't find one so I'm asking it here. I got my new iP4 today and am attemping to initiate it by the book. They insist to leave the phone off and fully charge it before activating. Well, with the phone off, there are no visual indicators to tell you when the phone is fully charged. :rolleyes: I read the owners manual charging section (with a microscope) and they don't tell you how long to charge it. How long should I charge my new iP4 to assume it has a full charge?
i didn't get that same info. i picked mine up on the 24th from the 15th pre-order and the store didn't mention anything to me about charging it at all. it seemed to be fully charged. but, my battery sucks! ive had 5 differen iphones and the battery keeps getting worse it seems. that and the dropped calls are kinda a big deal, otherwise the phone is great.
No worries just leave it plugged in.. It won't hurt it to boot it up activate and play around with it. Enjoy your new phone. :)
Yeah or quickly go into the settings and put the percentage sign on the battery
Hehe...told you it was a dumb question. I grabbed it after about 90 minutes. It indicated a full charge. Probably had a full charge before I plugged it in. Maybe there are stocking and shipping scenarios where a phones charge will actually deplete. It's a little ironic that the warning was that if I don't charge the phone completely, I may compromise the activation and in the end, the phone was charged but the activation failed anyway. ssdd.
nah it wasent dumb :) i did not charge mine first time i go it i drained the battery to 20% and then charged it, now my battery doe snot last very long. i think i made a mistake to not charge and i did ask about it also. and i only found out i could add the percentage sign until 2 days after having it.

so everything is ok now?
Ya, I'm stylin'. I got up this morning, turned it on and it was activated. Should get my case today too.

Where do you turn on the charge percentage icon? :facetime:
Beat me to it lol. I remember you used to have to jailbreak to get it showing
When I first got mine outta the box I was still using my previous tmobile phone so I let it die completely to the point it wouldn't turn on. I fully charged it with the phone off then began using it, I have a cycle that I use to charge my phone which is plugging it in at 30%. I have been getting good battery life on it any where from 26-30 hours since last charge and I heavily text and use wifi.

I think with my training of the battery it has caused a good battery life for me....
Thanks DannyBoy. I used the phone just a little more than I typically do for a day and I still have 68%.

I feel like I've dodged a couple bullets here! I got the phone delivered to my door in 8 days, have good battery life and TBH, I tried while at work where there's a good signal, to cup the phone in my hand and derail my signal and I couldn't do it. Still had two and three bars. Life is good. :)
thats very good for a full days usage, mine barely lasts half the day, but heavy usage tones of download apps from app store, this thing is better then a psp lol