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My Iphone 4S keeps restarting?


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Apr 18, 2013
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Since Monday evening, my phone keeps dying between 20% and 40%, when I attempt to charge it, the battery percentage will be at a random number, e.g it would say 39%, but it'd actually be 7%. Whilst I'm trying to charge it, it resets numerous times, and takes around half an hour to fully switch on. To stop this, I'd keep my phone charged. Since today, my Iphone screen glitches and switches off, turns back on and continues to do the same. I have looked at Apple forums and they have told me to back up and restore my phone, but my phone doesn't stay on long enough to let me do it! Why is my phone doing this and how can I solve my problem? Thank you
This seems like you need to restore your iPhone and it probably will start working again. Since it's not completely stuck (yet) I would do a backup on iTunes. Then you can restore it, then restore from backup and be good to go.
Thanks for your reply. My phone doesn't stay on long enough, but luckily I backed it up a few days ago. Also, I couldn't restore it through iTunes because of the same situation. I completely wiped my phone through my phones settings hoping this would solve the problem, but nothing!
Yup, and there is one more possibility: Battery malfunction...

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