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Does Winterboard bog down the iPhone 4?


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Aug 3, 2010
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Hey everyone, first post here.

I Jailbroke my iPhone on Sunday and I've been looking for cool new customizations to the phone. So far I've gotten SBSettings (of course), Flashlight (which works awesome!) and LockInfo. I want to get Winterboard but when I had it on my 3G, it would slow it down immensely. I know this new phone has the A4, so I'm fairly certain it won't slow it down. I'm posting here to see if anyone has tried it yet, and how is the phone reacting?

No problems here...I know a lot of the themes aren't compatible with the iphone4 so if you're weary you can wait.

But as for the speed issues I can't see a difference at all.
Same here. No speed issues at all either. Still not too many themes but you can manually go into your files and start changing png images if you want to. Here is my "theme" its pretty simple. I have shrink, winterboard, and have took away the dock png files


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I'm loving my theme :]


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I tried making the icons ready for my iphone 4 but they just came out all huge and stuff. im guessing i have to use shrink, eh?
hiya - i noticed that my home button was a lot less responsive when i put on winterboard - since ive removed it its a LOT LOT more responsive
I havent noticed anything with the home button and winterboard. I think its not so much just winterboard making your home button less responsive but the fact that winterboard plus who knows how many other things you have/had installed was taking up memory and making your phone lag.
I tried making the icons ready for my iphone 4 but they just came out all huge and stuff. im guessing i have to use shrink, eh?

Also, what you need is something called pincrush. It comes with winterboard or u could get it separate. Helps with custom icon images. Or if you want the specific size for icons for the iphone 4, it is 118x120 pixels. That is the ip4's icon size because on the ip4, if you name it [email protected], it automatically shrinks it to get the more densely pixelated icon. Srry if that was confuing.
U were right. It wasn't winterboard slowing my home button down it was a theme called gino. Has anyone else had trouble with their home button withthis theme thanks
i also have this problem,after making call my phone will be blank for a 10 second and cannot do anything,after that will be back to normal....