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Display not coming up


Jan 8, 2013
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I am using iphone4 ios 7.1.2. JB with pangu. Recently when i receive messages my iphone display going off and not coming up. Display is not coming up but touch is working i am able poweoff my phone. After many reboot my iphone coming up in safemode, I am suspecting it is because of spring board is crashing.

Following are installed on my iphone, i don't know what these do exactly is there any conflict between those
Cydia Substrare version 0.9.5012
Substrate Safe Mode 0.9.4000

Please help me out
Neither packages are known to have conflicts. Being that the Springboard is by far one of the most important factors of a jailbroken device, Saurik would jump onto it if it is indeed a Cydia Substrate issue.

My recommendation is to perform a DFU restore of the device, then re-jailbreak it. Note that the Pangu team has still not resolved the kernel exploit "side-effects", so after the jailbreak is completed and during each of the reboots, ensure that the device has proper amount of light going towards the ambient light sensor.

If you get the chance, also check to see if you're getting any weird crash reports in Settings after the restore if the same thing happens again.
Thankyou Willerz2, now i am able access my iphone display is coming up, some times itself getting off but whenever display is coming up iphone is in safe mode and displaying a crash message.

Right now my iphone working in safe mode.
when i see crash report on my win7 lappy there are many .ips files xpcd is the highest no of times