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Developer Hacks His Jailbroken iPhone 6s to Respond to NFC Devices


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Jun 18, 2010
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9to5 Mac reports today on jailbreak developer Elias Limneos, who has managed to hack his jailbroken iPhone 6s so that it responds to NFC-enabled devices. To date, Limneos has only tested the hack on NFC-enabled tags.

Limneos has posted a video that shows a jailbroken iPhone 6s communicating with an NFC-enabled tag. You can see the phone responding to the tag and identifying it with a notification. Limneos says that his method should work on any NFC-enabled jailbroken device, and that it can be used to open an RFID door with an iPhone or to move a tag near to an iPhone and then get it to respond. He is now working on NFC protocols and the management of read/write data.

This is something that many iPhone users would actually like to be able to do officially, rather than via a jailbroken device. Android owners have for many years enjoyed unlocked NFC access on their phones, making for easily paired NFC cameras and speakers, and easier and quicker transmission of files. However, it doesn’t look as if Apple is planning to give developers access to its NFC features anytime soon.

Source: Jailbreak developer hacks NFC on iPhone 6s to talk to NFC devices
The Apple Watch can do some of this. It can be used to open room doors in hotels that have the right door locks fitted. It was mentioned in the original Apple Watch announcement back in 2014.