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WikiLeaks Vault 7 Leak Says CIA Has Hacked Into iPhones, Android Phones, and Samsung TVs


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Jun 18, 2010
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Recode reports today on WikiLeaks’ new Vault 7 series that has released more than 8,000 pages of documentation about various CIA programs, including those designed to break encryption of iPhones, Android phones, Samsung Smart TVs, among other devices.

WikiLeaks says that this has enabled the CIA to hack the various operating systems via various private messaging apps such as Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram, Weibo, and Confide.

“These are not hacks against those apps, but hacks against the underlying operating systems,” security technologist Bruce Schneier told Recode.

Also reporting on the story, MacRumors writes that WikiLeaks says that the CIA has placed a “disproportionate focus” on iOS devices, probably because of the popularity of Apple products. In fact, WikiLeaks says that the agency even has a special unit within its Mobile Development Branch to create and execute malware to infiltrate, control, and exfiltrate information from iOS devices. WikiLeaks also says that the CIA has “lost control” of this vast arsenal of hacking exploits.

Sources: WikiLeaks reveals the CIA hacked into Apple iPhones, Google Android phones and Samsung TVs

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