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Deleted messages pop back up


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Jan 4, 2011
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Hi I cant find this issue anywhere else so i was hoping someone could spread a bit of light on it.
I deleted a message and thread i sent to someone starting "HEY HUN HOPE YOU HAD A NICE CHRISTMAS" from my iphone on christmas night and 10 days later im dialing random numbers using the keypad and the message i sent and deleted appeared under the number i was typing! I was multitasking and kept accidently tying number after number and when the number box fills up the number shrink it allows space for the text underneath ! i cant get it to do it again but it leads me to believe that a deleted text is never fully deleted like a normal computer ! Am i going mad or is there a reason this happened! thanks

I've had a quick scan of this subject on Google and from what I can gather OS releases after 3.1 do delete your test messages. However it was stated that someone with specialist knowledge could bring it back........this sounds a bit like erased data on a computer.

I delete messages in two ways
1) If I want to get rid of all the conversation "bubbles" I use edit (top right)
then clear all (top left)
2) If it is just one bubble I double tap it to highlight it (blue) then edit (top right) then tap the bubble once more to bring up the "red tick circle" then tap delete at bottom.

Hope this helps, it seems to work for me.