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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2LnSok54rc]YouTube - Death Rally Review - MICRO MACHINES KILLING EACH OTHER - iOS Vlog 364[/ame]​

Death Rally is a racing game that you can just pick up and play. These races won't take longer than 2 minutes of your time and is just plain fun. What could be better than racing and shooting the other racers?

You start out with a car and move your way up by playing races. The better you do in the race and the more cars your destroy will effect the amount of money you receive in the end. After the race is over, you can use your money to upgrade your car stats or level up your weapon. The stronger your weapon is and the better your stats are, the easier the controls will be for you.

You have a top-down view and the camera will move with your car. You have the choice of two positions but both are pretty easy to use. The controls are a bit awkward at first, but if your give them a chance they do get easier. This is a bit of a bumper car game so you should be running into things(some of the time). Once you start upgrading your handling you're pretty much set.

Theres not much of a story or point to the game other than getting the best stuff and total carnage. Though the races are short and fun so if you don't have much time, Death Rally can occupy your time. Throughout the game you might even be racing well known video game characters like Duke Nukem and John Gore(Minigore).

So there is a lot to this game, the graphics are incredible and on the iPad everything is bigger and easier to play. Don't lie and say you don't like those iPhone and iPod Touch Retina graphics.

Once the developers update this game with Multiplayer(hopefully online), I could see this being ever bigger than it is now. Games like this belong on iOS and are what Game Center multiplayer was meant for. Check out Death Rally for $2.99, did we mention it's UNIVERSAL? =]

Get it here:
Death Rally for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad on the iTunes App Store


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Jan 11, 2012
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Great game! But I prefer Ricky Carmichael’s Motorcross Match-up Pro because it has multi-player mode. Now, you can even play against PC players since they made it available for free download on PC!

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