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Daughter's Problem


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Aug 5, 2014
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Not sure where to go with this, so will start here. I need a little info, guidance, insight...not sure.

My daughter is vision impaired and puts her text on max size so she can make out letters. When she sends one medium sized text, it might come to the recipient as several small messages.

She is divorced and has custody of the kids. Recently, her ex took her kids (2nd grade and K) out of school without informing her. When she went to pick them up and found out he had come and taken them earlier...and the school had not called her...she went ballistic. She started calling and texting non-stop until she found out what was going on.

Now, her ex has used phone records for that period to file a harassment suit in hopes of getting her thrown in jail. He's been trying everything to get total custody, having taken her to court (and lost), and making false claims about her...even claiming that the kids only got one shower a week...she has them take a bath every night, and a shower is a bit of a treat at her place.

She will now have to defend herself in court about all the calls.

My question is there any technical report or data about the multiple messages which result from sending what would normally be one medium sized message if the person is vision impaired and using large text?

I would think that the size of the font used on the sender's device would have no bearing on the size of the data when it arrives on the receiver's device. The font size, color, style, etc. are just user preferences and don't relate to the receiver, no?
A good lawyer would use the information you have provided and also use a character count to prove the point, I would think.