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Text issue


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Mar 8, 2012
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I have read through other posts and have not discovered the same issue.

I have found no issue with other people through my iPhone and texting but I have one person when we text and it's an everyday thing that she gets my texts out of order, multiple times and today some of them came as a multiple hours later.

She is on edge service with an iPhone 4, not jail broken. She has her iMessage turned off due to when she tries to send message from edge they dont want to go. She is on an AT&T service.

Myself. iPhone 4, not jail broken. I am on a verizon services, with wifi and 3G. My iMessage is turned on but for her it does not show up as even considering iMessage to send.

Also, I have noticed that when I go to send a message it will show up as failing sometimes but she will get them on occasion and sometimes won't.

It seems to only be with her that the issue is happening. Any ideas?

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