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Dark Void


Apr 7, 2015
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I began with the 3GS, and my 6 Plus crashes more often than any iPhone I've had. I don't mean the app drops or stalls, I mean the phone goes into a coma. I restore it like any other time when I have turned the unit off.

My lovely Lady has the same model and has no trouble, but then she doesn't use her phone aś much as I do mine.

Anyone have this trouble? It would be difficult to take to the Genius bar because it works well most of the time and fails unpredictably.

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I have had very few crashes, I can count the number on one hand. I can usually trace it back to a specific app. Nothing remotely close to what I experienced with my Samsung S4... [emoji3]

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I guess I should count my blessings when I say no crashing on my 6 plus which I got at original release. its a 64 GB.
No crashes since I got it a year ago, 6 plus
I had maybe 2-3 crashes where I had to reboot ... Stuff like keyboard stopped working ... That's it thou it's working fine now

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