Cydia constantly stuck on loading page ipad 3.

Discussion in 'iPhone Jailbreaking' started by london29, Aug 6, 2019.

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    I am running ipad version 3. Jailbreak pangu , ios 9.

    I have run into some real bother. I cant install any files or delete any files.

    I tried to reinstall Cydia but keep getting the same error message shown below.

    I tried to make a back up on itunes but itunes dont recognise the device. I funbox and Imazing do recognise the device. I tried making a back up on I mazing but 3 hrs later and the screen is showing , creating back up.
    I cant even install any free or paid apps from the App store. The apps from the app store seem to get to the end of the loading cycle but get stuck in the installation loop.
    image1 (1).jpeg
    This is the current status of the sources and installed file. I cleaner pro is shown as installed but it is not on my home screen.
    image1 (1).jpeg image1 (2).jpeg image2.jpeg image3.jpeg
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried everything i can.

    Kind Regards

    Geoff C

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