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Custom iphone cases


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Nov 10, 2010
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I'm thinking about getting a custom case from Zazzle. Has anyone here ever ordered stuff from them? The cases actually look pretty nice... I'm not very artistic, so I probably won't create one from scratch, but there are lots of designs on their page. Here's an example of one:


What do you guys think?
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Hi All

I am looking for a website where I can get cheap Iphone 4 cases. I found mobile-xtras,com which is the cheapest I have seen so far, just wondered if anybody knows any other sites.

I have found one from griffintechnology company not only have the general sizes but also could make custom design. wish you can get some favorite ones from there too.

Good luck!!
Have some choice. wish you can get some favorite ones from there too.
Hmm, are there any cases concerning on other anime/manga characters?
For more fashion style and cute design cases here are more:)Iphone 4 Case
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Awesome post!
I am waiting for your future thoughts.

Thanks for sharing here!
Can someone please clarify for me, we don't or can't charge Vat to Non EU clients, right?


Assume you are referring to web services.

It was explained to me in relation to our online services a while ago, as long as your client isn't based in the UK, or has a UK office, then you don't charge UK VAT. I assume the same goes for the EU.

This post may help you:

"You are right. The rules changed in January 2010 and this section applies to your situation:

2.2 What does 'place of supply' mean for UK suppliers?

If the place of supply of your services is the UK, you must charge any UK VAT due and account for it to HMRC regardless of where your customer belongs. If the place of supply of your services is another Member State, you or your customer may be liable to account for any VAT due to the tax authorities of that country. See paragraph 2.16.

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I think the case is not attractive...
maybe, I dislike this style.

I am sorry