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Correct way of backing up a hacked iphone?


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Aug 30, 2010
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hey guys. i decided to backup my phone because i have a lot of apps in it, but it didnt occur to me that there may be a different method to do it because im jailbroken. i have a lot of cydia apps installed and i started backup my phone like 10 minutes ago. i realized on itunes, on the bottom where it shows capacity, my free space went up, so im thinking that a ot of my apps are getting deleting ( ironic since i want to back up). so i want to know if theres a process to backing up the phone. also, are my cydia apps really being deleted in this process that i started? thanks in advance
you cant back the cydia apps up because they install on the os partition of the hard drive that gets deleted. there is supposed to be an app that helps saves all the cydia apps names and then re install later but does not work, the only thing you can really do is manually re install it all when you upgrade and re jailbreak and hope the dev ports it to the new firmware