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chip failure


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Feb 2, 2012
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Hi, guys, i have one question.

When i'm talking to someone they can't hear me, but when i'm using viber they can hear me perfectly and also the voice memos CAN record my voice so i relized it wasn't a microphone problem. My friend(who is an expert) told me that it is some king of a chip that went wrong and that is impossible to fix here in Serbia and that i should replace the phone in the store because i have guarantee paper. He also said that it is highly unlikely that the problem was caused by physical damage and that many iphonbe 4 devices have that problem. But the store owner told me that it is very possible that the chip doesn't work because of mechanical damage and that if they determine that is the case i would have to pay for the chip and for the repair(which is not cheap at all).
So my question is- Is the store owner trying to cross me over so that they wouldn't be obliged to fix it for free or give me a new iphone or is it indeed a problemk caused by physical damage?

thanx a lot in advance ;)


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Feb 6, 2011
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The only place you can use your iPhone warranty to repair your iPhone for free to change into a new one is at an Apple Store, not an iPhone local sell point or what so ever.
Now about your issue, have you tried a hard reset? If yes, have your tried a factory reset?
Was the phone working well before? If yes and you sure that it didn't fall down or went into water, then a factory restore should sort it out.