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Can't update iTunes


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Mar 23, 2011
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Lost In Middle America
I opened iTunes and got a notice that there was a new version available. I have these options:


When I click on Download iTunes I get a very brief notice at the top of the iTunes window "Accessing iTunes Store..." There is a very quick blue progress bar that then appears, runs from left to right in about 1 second, and then everything goes back to normal. There's no install process, nor any further options to install. If I do another check for updates I get the same thing. Is my memory faulty, or did the options used to include "Download and Install"? Any ideas as to how I can perform the update?
Are you running anti virus and security software on your computer? If so, temporarily turn it off or disable it until the update is completed.
I've never had any problem with security software before, but I went ahead and disabled both the antivirus and firewall. It didn't make any difference. Still no update.
I just went to the iTunes site and downloaded it directly. The install seemed to take forever, probably about 10 minutes, but it did work. All is back to normal.
That's good to hear.

If you ever find out why you couldn't update iTunes by using Apple Update on your computer, please let us know.