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Can't remember the name of a tweak...


Dec 10, 2012
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Hi everyone, I'm looking for the name of a couple of tweaks...
1)A tweak that lets you edit/add lyrics and more from the music app or the tweak settings. I remember seeing this quite a while ago, stil long after iOS 7, it's obviously compatible with it but I can't seem of being able to find or remember the name of it;
2)I have FlipControlCentre and FlipLaunch installed, I can't remember how I did it before upgrading to iOS 7.1.2 but the panes in the bottom (Flashlight, calculator etc) had a circle instead of the circle they have now... I can't remember if I used a tweak or changed something in the settings but if I did change some settings I can't find them anymore;

Thanks a lot guys, I'll be really grateful to anyone that can help me
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