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iOS 7 Cydia tweaks for Music app?


Dec 10, 2012
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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there was any cydia tweak to change the new iOS 7 music app, what I really don't like about it are basically 2 things, the first is that if you go in artist and then select one it shows all the songs of all the albums (while in iOS 6 it showed the album list of that artist and then you had to select one to see that album's songs) and the second thing is that still going through artist and then selecting one you can't shuffle one single album anymore, it doesn't matter if you press on shuffle all or the shuffle icon it shuffles all of the albums instead of only 1. Is there any cydia tweak that makes the new iOS 7 music app as the iOS 6's one? Or something similar? Thanks a lot in advance, I'll be really grateful for any help