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Tips for playing a track (or album, artist, genre, etc.) on Apple Music


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Aug 26, 2014
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To play a song, tap either the artwork to the left of a song title, or the song title itself. When your Category Selector (if you don't know what this is, check out the Overview of Apple Music thread) is showing “artist” or “album,” for example, tapping the artwork (to the left of the title) will play all of the songs by the artist, or in the album. Tapping the name of the artist will show you a list of their albums, and tapping the name of the album will show you the list of songs in the album.

IMPORTANT TIP: The only way to play all of the music by a certain artist is to tap on the artwork to the left of their name.

Once you’ve chosen to play a track, the Miniplayer appears on the bottom of the screen, displaying the song title, artist, and album, a play/pause button, and a More Options icon
that leads to a menu with the following options: start a radio station (that will create a playlist based on the song), remove the song from your library, go to this song in the iTunes Store, and share this song (which will send a link to the iTunes Store).


Tapping the center of the Miniplayer, or swiping up, will bring you to the Now Playing screen, where you can view the album artwork in more detail. Swiping down, or tapping the down arrow on the top left of the screen will minimize the Now Playing screen back to the Miniplayer. Just like in iTunes, you can fast forward or rewind by dragging the red place marker anywhere in the song.

There’s a star on the left that you can tap if you “like” the song. This will help teach Apple Music which songs you like, and help it determine which other songs you might also like for its recommendations (similar to Pandora Radio). You can choose to shuffle your music by toggling the Shuffle icon
on the bottom. Next to the Shuffle icon is the Repeat icon
. Tapping this will repeat either the playlist or the song, depending on how many times you tap the icon.


Tapping the up next icon
brings up your Up Next queue, which is just a list of all upcoming songs. You can rearrange your queue, add or delete songs, or clear the whole list.

IMPORTANT TIP: If you’ve (intentionally or accidentally) chosen to repeat a song, your queue will fill with repeats of the same song. Reversely, if you find that one song keeps repeating, it's probably because you have the repeat icon engaged.

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Jun 7, 2010
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This is super helpful! I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to quickly play all of the songs by a particular artist the other day. I would have never thought to simply click on the artist's artwork. I always went into the artist, but with the new Apple Music you can only play the songs on a specific album that way.