How to add Music to your Library in Apple Music

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    If you’re listening to a song you do not have in your library, you can add it to your library by tapping the More Options icon [​IMG] that can be found in the Now Playing Screen, the Miniplayer, and to the right of a track, album, or artist listing. You can also add an album, artist, or playlist to your music by tapping the Add icon + near the top of the listing page.


    Any song, album, artist, or playlist that is in Apple Music can be added to your library by tapping the More Options icon [​IMG], and the selecting “Add to My Music.” Doing this still requires an internet connection to play the song.

    TIP: If you’d like to be able to listen to a song from Apple Music without an internet connection, you’ll have to select “Make available offline” from the same More Options menu.

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