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Discussion in 'Apple Music' started by DrumsOfGrohl, Nov 12, 2015.

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    So many times I'm listening to a playlist, or just shuffling my music and I get to a song I like. Then I'll want to play more songs by that same artist, or sometimes I just want to play that album. What ends up happening is either I'll just ignore it and continue listening to the playlist, or I'll stop the playlist and search my music for the Album or Artist and play that. It turns out there's a solution! Her name is Siri, and she's here to help.

    "Hey Siri, play the rest of this album."

    POOF! Mind Blown!

    Just say the words "Play the rest of this album" and Siri will play rest of the album after your current song finishes. But wait, there's more! After the album finishes, your previous playlist will resume!


    The same applies if you don't want to listen to a specific album, but want to hear more music from the same Artist. Just say, "Play more from this Artist," and Siri will play a bunch of songs (in my case, she added 63 songs) and then return you to your playlist!

    If you only want to listen to a couple of songs from the artist or album before returning back to your playlist, you can do so from the Up Next menu by tapping "Clear."

    See? Apple Music isn't nearly as bad as everyone says it is ;)
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