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Tweaks and iFile


Nov 26, 2011
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Memphis, TN
Hey all,

Jailbroke 4S in 7.0.4.

Looking to either delete or silence a few sounds, delete or hide some apps or at least the icons and hoping for help doing it.

1. Can I use iFile or something else to delete/silence the incoming message sound when the messages app is OPEN and the phone switch is on loud. (I already set the message tone to none by default and it works that way. When I'm IN the message app, it still makes a swoosh sound though). Answered by Willerz2 in another thread: /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/RecievedMessage.caf (this can also be used to change the photoShutter sound) <don't actually delete, just change .caf to .bak>

2. Any way to delete/silence the plugged in / charging sound?Answered by Willerz2 and Mickey330 in another thread): /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/beepbep.caf.

3. There's a non-working tweak for VIP mail deletion but no love yet. Is there an iFile that can delete it?

4. Is there a tweak that will do it and if not, is safe to use iFile to delete ALL references to vimeo, twitter, flickr and facebook? They pop up when forwarding a pic and a few other places.

5. Is there some way to use iFile or something else to delete or hide unwanted system-installed icons? (Videos, Facetime icon, Music, Photos, Game Center, Contacts, Compass, Weather, Clock, Passbook and iTunes store) I don't need or want any of them. I already used "Nonewsisgoodnews iOS7" to remove newstand but can't find anything for the above listed icons.

6. There used to be a voume/vibrate boost tweak thats not yet compatible with iOS 7. I found several for the iphone 5 or that ONLY work on speaker. Is there a way to boost volume for the handset via iFile text editor or another tweak?

Also, if someone knows of a good tutorial for iFile, that would be helpful. I've searched for dozens of files that I KNOW are there but it still won't locate them via search. Some other hints and tips would be helpful as well.

Even if you can only answer one of these anything helps!

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