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Can't get my son's iphone 4S to work, he is sad. Can anyone help?


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Apr 19, 2014
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My son saved up his money and got a used iphone 4S on eBay last month. Since this phone is compatible to At & T only, we had to buy another deal from eBay to unlock the phone to use it with my T-Mobile pre paid phone card. Everything works great until recently, my son found the phone not holding any charge. It flickered a lot and finally it just showed a "apple" sign on the phone.

I took the phone to a local repair shop and they took it apart and returned back to me saying, "Did you jailbreak the phone? There are some software problems. We cannot fix it!" They returned the phone back and I couldn't even power it up. The Apple sign on the screen before is gone. It is all black. I didn't notice that until I took the phone to another place. They said someone had opened his phone before and they took the stickers off inside the phone. They probably messed something up.

So now, the phone does not turn on at all and the 2nd repair shop refused to fix it because they said they can't even power it up.
I am so lost now. I cannot go to the Apple store to get it fixed because once the stickers of the phone are gone, they will not even touch your phone. I wonder what actually is going on with his phone. Can it ever be repaired? Can someone help please? I don't mind to send it somewhere to get it fixed. I just need to know where.
I agree with the previous comment to sell it for parts and get rid of it. Chances are that it will wind up costing just as much as a working phone from a reputable seller to get it working again.

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