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CAN ANYONE HELP my 12y old son has disabled his iPhone5 7.1.1


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Jun 13, 2014
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My 12year sons iPhone5 7.1.1 is disabled.

I’ve been reading through pages of help forums and can’t find anything that will enable my sons disabled iPhone5. He changed his passlock and couldn’t remember it, after many attempts he was completely locked out with no further attempts aloud. We have never backed up the phone to iTunes and what we fear most about doing a restore is loosing all our family photos. So we are leaving that option out for now.
Can anyone tell me how to retrieve/sync or unlock this disabled phone please!!!!

Im afraid i've got bad news for you. Since you have no iTunes backups for your iPhone; in order to get your phone working again, you're going to have to restore your phone and set it up as a new phone, loosing everything on the phone. Here are the Apple directions. http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1212
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Ohh that's terrible ~ I got the same thing too I left my phone next to my bed and then my mum putted her password on my phone she though it was hers then she tried and tried until it was disabled for 10 mins then she found out that it was my phone ._.

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But I'm afraid to tell you theirs no way.. But you could check the apple store or something
They might help more then us

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