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Call from my own number?


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Jul 24, 2014
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The other day I woke up and saw I had a missed call. When I checked it showed that the missed call was from my own number. I have looked online and see that this has happened to others but can't seem to find an explanation. I also looked to see if maybe I had called my voice mail by accident and it was calling me back but that wasn't the case. Anyone have an answer?
No idea whether it's related, but I've had several calls over the last few years "returning my call". Since pocket-dialling with an iPhone is all but impossible, and there is no record of my having made the call as far as my phone history is concerned) I suspect other forces are at work.

Like I say, doesn't help you, but it does seem eerily similar.
Caller ID can be spoofed very easy. Could it be a friend just playing a joke on you?

Double check that call in the log. Does it show an incoming call or an outgoing call?