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Bumper Case and Sync Cables


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Jun 20, 2010
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Has anyone noticed that griffin sync cables (and possibly others) do not work while the bumper case is on your phone? I don't not want to get back into the on and off with the bumper, but I am looking for something that works while the bumper is still on the phone.

I am looking mainly in the car.
Yea, the apple Bumper case is designed to fit only Apple connectors, if you noticed the cut-out perfectly, and i mean perfectly fits the cord apple gives you, and if you look closely at the third party cords you have compared to the apple 30 pin connectors or w.e you call them, they are slightly different and by slightly i mean almost unseen. I'm assuming Apple did this so you would purchase their products, but a simple alternative would be getting a new case or taking the bumper off whenever you want to put it in a dock or charge it with another cable.
It just doesn't make sense. I guess it's time to look for a case that actually fits multiple cables.
I just took a dremel and modified every connector to fit in the iPhone properly (Grffin FM transmitter and sync cable)

I figure might as well since I was gonna buy a new one anyway and they all work like a champ! Think out side the box! :)
That's one way to do things, but I dont have anything for my car I just listen to the radio and have it connected via bluetooth headset cause my car was made in like '98 :\
I bought a few from Meritline (3 for $3.99 and free shipping) and also from some dude on Ebay. They have the smaller connectors that fit in the bumper. My car charger has a usb plug so I can just switch out the cables.
Yea my car charger is USB so i can just use my apple cord, but i don't have a bumper I ended up getting an Incipio Silicrylic its pretty nice, doesnt feel like it offers too much protection though :[
Yea, the apple Bumper case is designed to fit only Apple connectors