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Bought 3 iPhone 4's =]


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
So i saw how much they were going on ebay so i decided to camp out. I was about 5th in line this time. My friend was at hone i saved a spot for him and his mom came along with him. In the end we ended up buying 3 iPhone 4s. One for him, one for his mom, and one for profit haha.
Yea there is a good amount of them listed on EBay I just wonder if they are really selling.
If you guys are putting them up on ebay go ahead and post some links in here, get some exposure :)
good idea, i was going to do the same but i kept getting fake money orders from idiots who would press buy now then send me stinking emails pretending to be paypal with fake money orders then threatening to report me as a scammer when i refused to send them anything, stupid nigerians
Thats why you learn the game, you lose a tiny bit of money, but you still make profit. I only accept Paypal, and when I send out packages I always pay the extra, I think $5 for signature confirmation. But yes there are a lot of scams out there. Luckily, out of the like 40-50 iPhones I sold, I only lost one(forgot the signature confirmation), guy said someone jacked the package from his doorstep.....
yeah that was my first ebay sale, and i put my hotmail email for all to see, so people not registered where emailing me then i got some one pressing buy now so it was out of my control, i got so many emails offering me nearly 2000 and they all turned out to be nigerian scammers and lying people. i cant do anything to stop people pressing buy now then messing me around, i wanted to put they have to buy it now when they press buy now but i think that costs extra or you have to upgrade account im not sure, but this whole crap put me off ever using ebay again or trying to sell an item.