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Our iPhone 4 Ebay Post


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Alright guys, well I told you we bought a second iPhone to sell. Just in case anyone is interested in how it does, the link will be below.

Before you go, let me tell you a few things about Ebay:

By "WE" I mean my partner in crime and I, not iPhone4Forum.

1. In the past few years, Ebay has changed into being in favor of the Buyer. We have to be careful who we sell to since it will be a big sale.

2. To actually profit on Ebay nowadays, there are plenty of tricks/tips that you can do(that follow the rules of course).

3. Sometimes the Ebay auction can get dry, even with our powerseller account, that means we would end it and restart again. Might seem shady, but you try letting go of an iPhone 4 for less than what it should be. This is the trick we use and it makes it a little more fair to the seller.

4. Ebay buyers with low rating usually either don't pay or are up to something. Yes, I've been scammed before, No, I have never scammed anyone.

5. So in the end you might think ending the auction makes us, somewhat, bad people(if you even think that) but once you've dealt with all the Ebay scams and know how people on the site actually function, you would do the same.

Enjoy watching(I'll post a new link in case we do end this one):
SEALED IN BOX Iphone 4 16gb FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING - eBay (item 230493756406 end time Jun-30-10 19:14:34 PDT)

Items usually skyrocket within the last few hours.
I don't buy from anybody if their feedback is less than 99%.;)

Good luck with the sale hope you make some money for having to wait in line.
Sole for $720.... still good profit. If it was unlocked it would have been more.... we're leaving it at $720.... dont feel like dealing with it because we could lose more money =\ We'll see how our next one goes.