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Questions about iPhone 4 (recently bought)


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Jul 26, 2010
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Hey, I'm from Norway. I'm new to the forum, and want some newbie help ;)

Bought iPhone 4g from a dude who bought 2x in the US.
He sold me one for 5000 norwegian kroners, (820 us dollars) but it is locked to A&AT.
My questions:
1; Can I unlock it easily when the jailbreak releases (haven't done it before)
2; Will I have any probs. updating and do other legit apple stuff on my iPhone after it is jailbreak'ed. ?
3; Is this a rather nice price for me in Norway?
4; I got a normally sized sim-card, and people is offering me to proffessionally cut the card so it fits like a micro-card... Will it actually work correctly that way?
5; More questions to come ;)
Yes, you can unlock the phone when jailbreak is released.
You probably won't be able to connect to Apple but you'll have access third party apps store and Cydia, an open source applications store.
I have no idea what the price is in Norway but when Apple officially release it in Norway, I would think that the price would be the same as in the U.S. $200 and $300.
If you search the web, you'll see instructions how to cut your SIM to fit the iPhone 4 or you can buy the tool to cut it perfectly.