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bluetooth problems


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Jun 24, 2010
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I just got the iphone4.. first iphone for me. I love it so far. I paired my headset..no problem. I have an LG ENV touch from verizon that I am trying to pair via bluetooth to send all my pics over from my previous phone.. it finds it.. pairs.. connects.. but immediately disconnects saying it failed..

Anyone know what I am doing wrong? or another way I can move about 80 pics without texting them one at a time lol
Sorry you cannot. Do that. Best way is have iTunes upload Picts for you just find original Picts and sync.
First to make it easy launch iTunes and go to help menu. Apple provides a very informative help section. We will be creating a special section for beginners on this site so I will request using iTunes as part of that. I know I have past the buck ie for you to go to help in iTunes however from my past experience as a Apple support specialist I always recommend using what comes with an app before trying to explain the process. Also it gives you answers to a whole range of benefits that iTunes provides.

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