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Bluetooth pairing issues


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Feb 22, 2011
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Hello, I am the happy new owner of a Verizon iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.6.

I am having an issue pairing with the bluetooth in my car stereo, a JCV KD-BT1. Previously I had a feature phone which I used for years which paired for years pretty much flawlessly.

When I set up a new pairing, the iPhone and stereo find each other and pair without issues. Everything works great... until it doesn't. Usually about a day later my iPhone and stereo stop automatically pairing. I can't get them to pair again at all unless I delete the pairing in both the stereo and iPhone and then re-pair from scratch. Obviously this is far from ideal.

Secondly, and not really importantly, streaming music over bluetooth is pretty poor with the iPhone. There is a lot of dropping out and skipping. This isn't a major problem, but come on.

Does anyone have any insight on this problem? If I jailbreak my phone is there an update to the bluetooth stack that possibly addresses this issue?

Thanks in advance
I have the JVC KD-BT1 and iPhone 3GS and i have the same problem with the audio. Sometimes it hops and skips constantly and other times just now and them. I used to have a black berry that worked flawlessly.
As for your pairing issue, did you make sure that the stereo is set to automatically connect to the last device? Mine always stay connected and I have never had to repair them until yesterday I accidentally deleted my phone from stereo and now they see each other but I get an error pairing after I do the pin 0000 and can't get them connected except in open mode.
There is an add on box JVC sells for about $50 that plugs into cd changer input of stereo that is for iPhone/iPod. You plug phone into it and it allows you to control your iPod/iPhone from the deck and eliminates them crappy apple Bluetooth issues.
Thanks for your reply!

Yes, the stereo is set to automatically connect to the last device. In a turn of strangeness, now I have been going on more than a week without pairing issues. I changed nothing but for some reason it connects every time now without having to delete and re-pair.

The audio skipping persists unfortunately. While that sucks, it isn't a deal breaker like the painful connectivity issue.
I have a Sonata with bluetooth. If I conntect to bluetooth with my iPhone 4 I don't get any voice instructions from the gps navigator either through bluetooth or from the phone's speaker. If I turn off bluetooth, I then can get the voice instructions from the phones speaker. It's like I can have bluetooth or the navigator working but not both.
I discovered how to make bluetooth with the iPhone work on the JVC KW-AVX830. I had read in other forums that disabling the contact list would help which I had tried but couldn't get to work. It seems there is a special trick to turning off contacts to make it work. Instead of selecting to Off for Sync Contacts when in the Bluetooth settings, say ON in the iPhone in the Bluetooth settings for the device it's pairing to, and then under that select None under Other Groups. When I did this, I no longer had issues with the iPhone losing it's BT connection to the JVC stereo.