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BlackBerry Accidentally Tweets Out Using an iPhone


iPhoneForums.net News Team
Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
In the past, we've seen plenty of celebrities sending out tweets endorsing Android or Windows phones on Twitter, seconds later, the internet sees the tweet was posted using an iPhone. Mistakes by celebrities are bad enough, but when a competing smartphone company makes the same mistake, the irony is just too much to handle.

Early morning on Tuesday, Blackberry made the aforementioned mistake on its official Twitter account. Though the company is still hanging on by a thread, Blackberry tweeted out an Instagram photo link, showing of its BlackBerry Classic, and seconds later the world would see it was tweeted from an iPhone.

As the news is hitting the blogosphere, we would like to take our hats off, and give an ironic moment of silence to the person who is most likely getting scolded at BlackBerry for shipping the tweet out. The tweet has since been deleted from BlackBerry's Twitter, but you can't argue that typing out a 140-character post from the wonderful QWERTY keyboard on the Classic would have made things a bit easier.

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