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bell aliant canada prices and plans?


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Jul 18, 2010
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Just wondering if anyone out here is from canada that goes to bell would know some prices contract and no contract!
and what plans did u guys go for? thanks!
I figured it out...159-16gb 259-32gb not bad at all!
ok.. I've had issues with the BIG BELL in the past. Yet they have stepped up the competition for the iPhone 4, which they will be promoting very soon, but can't until they can supply the actual phone. However, their 6GB shared data, including tethering for $30! This is as close to unlimited as you can get, for the time and I would estimate for foreseeable future or at least the length of the contract data prices will be comparable.

Perhaps by then the networks will be scaled to take the data usage and offer unlimited data plans at a reasonable price. Then start steaming digital video and cable channels and make a ONE wireless data plan for Phone, TV, Movies, PPV and internet. No cable infrastructure required, mmm.

The phones are low on availability, the next shipment leaving Apple.ca is 3 weeks, or that is when they say they will ship your phone if you order online. So they could get shipments every 3 weeks, and who knows how they are distributed. I signed up to the plan below on Aug 21/2010, I have been a Bell customer for telephone and internet for 10+ years. Heard about the issues they are having in the US with supply, and curious if it will be any different here. Or perhaps quicker considering my long time use of their products. I will re-post when there is an actual iPhone 4 in my hand.

Plan... and I negotiated this plan against Telus' 5GB bonus data on any plan over $60, and they have a great $65 plan for the iPhone 4! Don't really expect to pay less then this if you want to use the iPhone 4 to it's data use potential.

Student $40.. I'm not a student, they offered or I was going Telus..

  • 250 mins - Telus = 200mins. + 100 bonus mins.

  • network Fab 10! - Telus = 5 (option)

  • 6pm unlimited evenings - Telus = 9pm
  • 6GB Data Share Plan - $30 less $5 bundle discount = $25
= $65/mth. no network charges or setup.
= $159 for 16GB phone ($269 for 32GB) + $65/mth.
They both offer as an option, Unlimited calling to Fab 5, OR Unlimited Text/picture/video messaging, OR double your minutes (not including bonus)

For me, having 10 people to call unlimited, and 6GB data, and one of the most innovative devices available, it's finally worth it. Also, I've heard of Telus network issues, yet they share the same infrastructure which most is owned by Bell. I know I wouldn't want my competition for a landlord!

iphone 4G, 16GB
I'm on Bell and their network is pretty solid from my use. I'm on a Smart text 50 plan 65$ a month with 200 minutes, free weekend and nights, unlimited text, and 1GB data.