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battery usage

pat roche

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Aug 10, 2014
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my battery usage (settings/general/usage) is almost equal to standby time despite not really doing anything with the phone.

I have turned off location services, cellular date, wifi and bluetooth. i have deleted every app that is possible to delete. yet this issue persists which appears to be the cause of the battery draining pretty rapidly. One interesting other symptom is that when I power the phone off it starts itself back up immediately. This appears not to happen when it is plugged in to charge.

So any ideas on how to find out what is running to cause the usage to stay up and (i guess) the phone to start up.

If there is no way to find that out, then do you think a returning to factory settings would resolve the problem.

Thanks for any help.
My main gripe with the phone is the battery really goes down fast.I had to buy a back up
power pack.Halo brand.
The 4s phone has been out for some time now. The batteries are simply getting old and can't hold a good charge for a long time. The battery that is in the phone is a 1680 Mili-Amp battery. I instal 2460 Mili-Amp batteries. This gets a fresh battery as well as one that is nearly twice what the original was.