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Battery Usage


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Jun 27, 2010
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I have had one time where I was able to go three days without needing a charge. I charged my phone last night and have used the phone more than usual today. I have not used it for much more other than email, (yes, I do have push on but only once an hour), and Words With Friends. Does Words With Friend draw on the battery all the time? I only use badges on WWF. My battery has used about 40% of the battery today. Does that sound like a lot or am I making too much of it?

Not sure if it does, but there could be other reasons your batt depletes pretty quickly. Like maybe you have other apps running in the multi task bar, screen brightness, etc.

Someone posted how to improve your batt life in the forum. It's also in the Apple website (Support). I tried it and I noticed an improved batt life on my phone.
Yea, seems close to normal... As stated brightness over 50% really uses battery... I'm about 20% after an 8 hour workday.