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Autocomplete in Notes bizarre!


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May 9, 2016
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I hope someone can help me- When I type in Notes, "car" it changes to "fast-ass roadster". When I type a grocery list and type "cookies"; it changes to "Edited". I am serious. The "Crab" for crab cake also changed to a nonsensical phrase with ass in it as well. I'm not kidding. This is a phone I purchased in the Apple Store new. Any advice? TIA. ~Nancy
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Welcome to iPhone Forums, Nancy!

This sounds like someone set up a few shortcuts for or on your iPhone.
Does anyone else have access to this device? Do you share your iCloud ID with someone else?

If you share your iCloud ID with someone else, they could have been synced to your device by iCloud.

Take a look at your settings. Go to General - Keyboards - Text Replacement. Take a look at the shortcuts saved there. If you find the ones you described, tap and hold them, then slide them to the left. This will show the option to delete them.

Hope that helps.
Wow! Thank you. There were 4 in there and I had found 2 of them I think someone was playing with it at the apple store, or it was used there in some other way. Thanks again, problem solved.