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Att haters topic... Uprise!


Jul 8, 2010
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I just wanted to create a place where att haters can come together and... Well... Uprise of course! And yes it is perfectly normal to be a hypocrite here.

Obviously i am an att customer and all my reasons for hating them might be the same as one of yours. I wasnt always an att customer though. I started out with tmobile on my family's plan (not to be confused with "the family plan"). Times were a lot simpler then. A free phone/plan with the parents, horrible reception, great customer service, a crappy phone i didnt want to be caught dead with but was more sturdy/reliable than any phone ive ever had. Then one day i had to venture off on my own, to pave my own roads and make my own destiny. This was the time of utter confusion and shear sadness. The time i discovered att. Like i said, as the creator of this topic, all hypocrites are welcome for when i say that i hate att with a passion, i wouldnt go any other way. And no, not because im stuck in a contract! For every bad or good feature that tmobile has, att has the opposite. Why do i seem to compare to tmobile so much you ask? Besides the fact that tmobile has been the only other service provider on my rap sheet, they are the only other gsm providers in the usa. (sorry im kind of excluding the rest of the world). While i am not confident enough to say that att is THEE best, the reason i say i would not go any other way is because i have a personal preference of gsm based phones.

So without any further rambling of alude904's woes, lets hear what you guys have to say.
I am so totally with u on this. I dislike AT&T but have a huge preference for the GSM phones. The OnlY way I would go to the other is if iPhone dropped the GSM, like that will happen.
I am not a AT&T fan but at the present as we all know you have no other choice for the I phone. Verizon does a bit better with signal strength in my area but I don't know if I would switch if they got the I phone or not.
I have no problems with AT&T I've been with them sense they were BellSouth in 98
San Francisco: wife tried to call me by the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday - No signal at all. She had to use the cell from her brother - visiting from France. ATT&T is an embarrassment in this city.
I never had any issues here in Hawaii. But when I was living in Maine, inside my house, my wife and I had minimal (1 bar to none) reception. We had to literally talk near a window. I think the brick house/insulation we were living at might had something to do with it. So I don't know if other carriers would had issues with it as well.
I miss Cingular. When AT&T bought them i was a Cingular customer and saw my reception go south.
I don't love them but I can't really complain too much tbh. I had sprint many moons ago. Maybe 10 years ago and switched to AT&T about 8. Then it was singular for a while and then back. They charge too much for service but they are all about the same.

i never had any problems with ATT.. verizons call quality is terrible
I just with the Verizon rumors were ever true. I will truly be surprised if apple listens to their customers and gives us an option. I swear apple is taking pointers on how to run things from congress...
I agree with the people out there that like At&t. I have been around the block and back again. First it was Bell Atlantic with a "modern brick" (in like '95) and then to Comcast, At&t, Nextel..what a crazy phase, Tmobile, a few years stint in Barcelona led me to Vodafone, and upon returning to the states in '07 straight back to the best carrier I have ever had... At&t. They have the BEST Phone on the Market! They have always done me right with billing discrepancies and delivered what I expected. I would not switch to any other carrier around. I feel Apple choose wisely when they contracted with At&t and would be totally pissed if they had gone any other way, especially to cdma.
I use at&t iPhone plan, and my 3G won't work. I can't use it for browsing, chatting, etc.
Anyone deal with this problem too?