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AT&T Throws Out An Explanation, In Video!


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Daniel, Digital Specialist for AT&T, gives customers a breakdown of what will happen to customers who did not pre-order iPhone 4's in time for launch. Basically, you will have to wait until June 29th to purchase your new device.

Customers who do order(and who pre-order) will receive a call from AT&T when your iPhone 4 is ready for pick up. They do not want customers to camp out or stand in line in front of their stores because they do not want dissappointed customers.


For all you people who didn't pre-order, camping out in front of the Apple store is your best bet.

Good Luck.
damnn they need more time to ship more to the stores.. 29th is not so bad though. so two days people will camp out the stores.. 24th and 29th LOL, and imagine the tones of people who dont get this message and go camp out.. wow lots of companies using fb and twittsucks
Site won't let me post in News so I'm going to do it here in hopes of getting this VERY IMPORTANT information out.

Checked ATT today to find my pre-order status was changed to shipped. Followed the FedEx tracking number to see expected of today (6/23) at 3pm MTN. Called FedEx to confirm and got this:

"All the phones that are here in Denver will be held for delivery until tomorrow. Because of how many people who have ordered the phone and the relative few that would get them today it wouldn't be fair. ATT shouldn't have promised you your phone today."

Who the EFF does FedEx think they are!?!? There has to be more to this. Crowdsource it people!!
thats messed up.. why did atee and tee promise them on the 23rd? and wtfrig fedex??!?!? what a mess this years delivery turned out to be, but they did not expect such a high volume of pre sales before it went out on sale