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Apple Watch Pre-Order and in Store Details Reminder


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Jul 27, 2011
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Here's a gentle reminder regarding the exciting new Apple Watch pre-order kick-off at the end of this week. We wanted to reiterate the details for pre-ordering and in-store purchases. First, let's share the skinny on Apple's Reserve and Pickup service. Here's a quote with the info,

"Inventory is subject to change. Your reservation is valid for pickup only at the Apple Retail Store that you selected. If you do not pick up your selected item(s) by the designated date and time, your reservation will be cancelled and your item(s) will be returned to stock. There is a maximum of 1 reservation per customer. Number of reservations may be limited. Apple reserves the right to refuse, limit or cancel a reservation if Apple determines that a customer has provided misleading or fraudulent information and/or abused, disrupted or attempted to circumvent the reservation system."

On top of this, the most expensive version of the watch, the Apple Watch Edition, will only be offered at a select few Apple Stores (the details of which have not been revealed), and in very limited supply.

If you were planning on pre-ordering online, fret not. The Apple Watch online pre-order does not have the same limitations as the Reserve and Pickup service, although there is a possibility that Apple will restrict the Apple Watch online pre-orders to 2 per online customer order. For those who pre-order online, the date and time is 12:01am PTD (which is 2:01am CTD) on Friday morning (Thursday night). The online pre-orders will start shipping out to customers on April 24th.

Retail sales of all versions of the Apple Watch will start on April 24 in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and United Kingdom.
Thanks for the info! I will set my alarm to wake me up nice and early on Friday morning/Thursday night :)
The pre-order starts at 01:01 local time where I live. I work the night shift and will order the Apple Watch on my coffee break.
You can only order two EDITED!!
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I assume that the 2 watch limit is to limit the number of people buying Apple Watches for resale on sites such as eBay.