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AT&T Question


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Aug 8, 2010
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Here's my question: I plan on getting a iPhone 4 with a voice, data, and messaging plan with AT&T. I currently have a regular home phone with AT&T and an internet connection with AT&T. I have no need for two phones so I would like to discontinue my regular home phone, but keep the internet connection for my computer. I've been told you can't do that because a phone line is needed to hook up to the internet. Is that true? If that's true, do you have any suggestions to get around this problem. Thanks
Just call up AT&T they can leave the line and just activate the data for the modem. I think it's about $40/month for 10mb/sec. I'm really happy with it.
Yes, as Danny wrote, you do need a physical line to connect to ATT DSL Internet but you don't need an ATT voice phone account. Write back if ATT tells you otherwise.
Guys I need to find out what carrier is my iPhone 3G locked to? The model is Mb 489b.
I actually need to gift it to a cousin and need to resolve this excessive battery drainage problem by activating it with the official carrier sim.
An early response be appreciated. Thanks.

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