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[ASK] iPhone 4G 32GB Problem with SIM Activation & iCloud


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Jul 28, 2014
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Hi there..

i'm newbie here , and i have read the rule , so i think if i make this thread for asking a question , that would not breaking the rule ..

Okay , here my case..

my device model is iphone 4 [32gb] and it still locked by carrier : japan softbank , i get this phone 2 days ago and stucked at SIM card activation screen ..

Here's my question ..

Now .. the iphone can't do anything (stucked at activation screen) and always give me notification on itunes like , your sim card is not supported blah blah blah .. and now i just want to know ...

if "find my phone" / "iCloud" result for my IMEI was "OFF" , then .. if i unlocked my carrier , will it showing iCloud login activation then ? because now i can't contact the seller for apple ID , in case if the iphone will be unlocked soon and asking for iCloud activation ..

Or simply , whats the meaning of "Find My Phone" Status as showed here as "OFF"

$iphone info.JPG

is it mean the iPhone is unprotected by iCloud ? and if i successfully unlocked my phone (the sim card service) , will it show iCloud activation screen then ?

i don't want any problem after i get my phone carrier unlocked , so if Find My Phone status was OFF , is it still possible to show iCloud activation screen ? because i don't have any information about this iPhone apple ID

Please help ...
sorry for my bad english btw..