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Arby's is great, but..


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Mar 28, 2012
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Arby's is one of my favorite restaurants because of their roast beef and Arby's sauce. However, I didn't feel like walking to their restaurant today, so I walked to our local Safeway to see if they had roast beef. Their deli, which I had never shopped at, was full of all types of meats and I talked with the butcher about roast beef. He shaved some up and offered me a slice.

It was delicious! All this time I had been eating at Arby's because their food was so good. Little did I know that the roast beef at our local grocer was so much better. The only thing missing is the Arby's sauce - which I can't seem to find at Safeway. However, I'm betting A1 sauce will do quite nicely.

Note to self: Shop around.. you never know what goodies you'll find :)

Has anyone else found something at a grocer or mom-and-pop place that makes you want to give up a favorite restaurant?
It is always good to shop around, there is so much choices and something better out there to try,

I've always gone to new places to have a little veriety, some times though I prefer how the restaurant cooks the foods to how I would cook it from the local grocer, mainly when it comes to Fridays foods, I've not found anywhere so far that has nicer meats
YES, the Public Supermarket makes MUCH better sandwiches that SubWay and their CHEAPER with more meat....SMILE