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apple tv show rentals

I have an apple tv Which has a 160gb hd and i love it. We rarely go to the video store any more. Most movies do not offer captions this is not apples fault it is just the licensing system was told

The new itv is streaming only from itunes and rental only it is fantastic and even better if you have a 5.1 surround sound system. It is movies on demand. Be aware you need a high speed Internet with wifi access and also plenty of data in your package I have 50gb limit HD movies can suck 4gb plus so be aware. I usually rent general movies and standard resolution and only. Big movies HD. When you rent a movie you and watch it the movie is available for multiple viewing for 48 hours then cuts off. Best part no late fees

Utube is also available

Go to apple.com and look at specs. One can also stream songs and pictures from your pc,, Mac iPhone iPod touch and I pad using latest os upgrades. There is no storage on the itv . One of the reasons that Apple is capable of streaming video etc is because of the new billion dollar server farm they opened in north Carolina It is massive facility. Search google. Server farm apple 2010
Hope that helps
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