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Apple Said to be Working on ‘The Biggest Camera Jump Ever’ for Next iPhone


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Nov 27, 2012
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When it comes to iPhone's camera, Apple usually prefers to deploy incremental updates rather than opt for big changes. But this is apparently going to change with the launch of the upcoming iPhone, says well-known Apple follower John Gruber.

Gruber said that he heard "from a birdie of a birdie" that Apple is working on major camera improvements. Here's the original quote:

"The specific thing I heard is that next years camera might be the biggest camera jump ever. I don't even know what sense this makes, but I've heard that it's some kind of weird two-lens system where the back camera uses two lenses and it somehow takes it up into DSLR quality imagery."

What do you think of this? Do you think the upcoming iPhone needs an upgraded camera or this one is pretty fine, as well?

Source: DaringFireball
Well, there's no such thing as being too complacent. I love the camera on the iPhone 6, but hey, why not make it better if you can?
There's no such thing as a camera that's too good. Apple has always stood for giving customers the best user experience possible. While other manufacturers play the specifications game, Apple has focussed more on results. This rumoured camera improvement is just that.
FWIW, I'd like to see raw images with Lightroom processing available as part of the baked in software.