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Apple Plans big upgrade for two new models of iPhone 6 ?

anju katiyar

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Apr 17, 2014
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Hello Friends ,

Recently A big rumors of Apple plans big upgrade for two new models of iPhone 6 .

What do you want to say about this Update .

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It's not really a surprise anymore haha, but yeah, rumor is that apple will release a 4.7 & 5.5 inch. For now I heard the power button will be on the side and the display may be edge to edge. Chances are apple will keep the ratio of the previous screens so that it will be easy for developers to scale up their apps.

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Agreed. I can see a smaller phone for those of us who are uncomfortable holding a laptop to our ears, and a larger one for those with seriously large pockets.

Apple can't really ignore the phablet phenomenon forever, but would be wise to remember that the iPhone has remained very popular without becoming bloated.